Sunday, 25 March 2012 05:01

50 States- Anticipation

Our friend Gay Lynn also asked what we looked forward to the most on the 50 States trip. Sherri wants to see the Maine lighthouses. She loves lighthouses, and we've probably seen every one on the West Coast. So we'll meander down the East Coast and check out the little white buildings with the bright lights. What a lonely life, being a lighthouse guy! Do they have a name like 'The lightman' or something? 'Lightkeeper'? 'Lightweight'?

I said I'm anticipating Vermont. Because we'll be there in late September, hopefully we'll hit the autumn leaves. Somewhere- Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire or Connecticut will dazzle our eyes with bright autumn colors.
Also, I want to know how they tap the sap out of trees, how much they can get out of a tree, how much it takes to make syrup, and how they make that crap into something so delicious.
If you know, don't tell me. I want to hear it from a local.
Until then, igonorance is bliss, I suppose.

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